Saturday, October 15, 2011

Last night, after creating some musical stylings about pedo trees, I drove down to mom's house so we could hit up some of the Northwest Arkansas crafts fairs today. Yesterday, I was only coming down because mom would enjoy it but that must have been a byproduct of staying awake over 24 hours on Fridays because this morning when I woke up I was really excited about going. We set the alarms for 6:30am, got up & around, packed a cooler full of drinks, grabbed Charlie and Jessica and headed out the door.

We always go to War Eagle first because its off the beaten path, down a long curvey road and there's a single lane bridge to get to the parking area. Because its one if the most popular locations of the whole weekend, if you don't get there early you're going to be sitting in your car, in line, for hours.

We got there before most if the traffic, looked at everything, spent some money (I bought 2 pkgs of chicken soup mix) and then headed into Rogers for lunch at Pandas.

Unfortunately, that's where our big day of crafting ended. Before we had left the house this morning, mom had decided to remove the cable ties that were on the little rolling cart we use for these kinds of adventures. And she decided to use a pocketknife that my dad had freshly sharpened. Yep, she stabbed herself with it. Not a cut, a puncture. It had bled all morning, all over everything, and had also been swelling and bruising. By the time we got to lunch she couldn't move it and it was throbbing and really hurting her.

We went to the ER because the urgent care center told her to. She got a tetanus shot and some antibiotics and they checked to make sure she didn't damage a nerve or tendon. She's more upset about the cost of going to the hospital than she is about anything else. To entertain ourselves for the hours we were at the hospital, we spent our time making fun of mom.

Guess we will try to go crafting next year.

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