Saturday, January 15, 2011

News Flash: I Now Have A WoW Blog... But It's Not Here

This blog that you are reading right now? This blog (as a whole) is actually pretty sucky. It's just a little personal blog that has been around for several years and has been subjected to a unique combination of blandness, stupidity and neglect. Of course, I've recently discovered a new-found fondness for blogging about WoW and I've been throwing those posts up here. Amazingly this has caused a few people to actually find their way over here to read a few things. Since I feel like continuing to blog about WoW is something I want to commit to right now, I have decided to split those types of posts off onto their own dedicated WoW blog and let this one continue to dredge along as a personal blog.

That being said, allow me to direct you to - aka Elfi's World. I have transferred the WoW posts and associated comments from this blog over to that one and after I few weeks I will be deleting them from here. So everyone please be sure and bookmark the new sight. I can't wait to see some traffic over there.


Alas said...

I am here! Err, there! And I have subscribed!

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