Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I have decided that every Wednesday will now be "Wordless Wednesday". Which means that I will now simply post a random picture that I have personally taken and no words will be included in the post(aside from this particular Wednesday where I have to explain what "Wordless Wednesday" means). The pictures I choose will hopefully spark some sort of emotion all on their own - whether it's laughter, curiousity, sadness, etc.

So, ignore all these words. Let's post the first picture.


Princess AJ said...

Well it looks like this little guy was playing in the sprinkler (from the drops on his shirt) when he slipped on the grass and fell and hit is poor little nose on something, and his tongue was out at the same time because he has a little scuff mark on the end of his tongue, or maybe he bit the end of it when he hit the ground....well thats my theory

roseykrh said...

Pretty good guess. He wasn't playing in the sprinkler, but he was playing in water. We can't keep him out of water. His name is Keaton, he's my cousin Josh's son. He was splashing in a bucket that had collected rainwater on the back deck and after getting the deck stairs all wet, he fell down them and bloodied his nose. His tongue has a bit of blood on it simply because he licked the blood from his nose. I love taking pictures of him cause he has the prettiest eyes.