Saturday, October 15, 2011

Last night, after creating some musical stylings about pedo trees, I drove down to mom's house so we could hit up some of the Northwest Arkansas crafts fairs today. Yesterday, I was only coming down because mom would enjoy it but that must have been a byproduct of staying awake over 24 hours on Fridays because this morning when I woke up I was really excited about going. We set the alarms for 6:30am, got up & around, packed a cooler full of drinks, grabbed Charlie and Jessica and headed out the door.

We always go to War Eagle first because its off the beaten path, down a long curvey road and there's a single lane bridge to get to the parking area. Because its one if the most popular locations of the whole weekend, if you don't get there early you're going to be sitting in your car, in line, for hours.

We got there before most if the traffic, looked at everything, spent some money (I bought 2 pkgs of chicken soup mix) and then headed into Rogers for lunch at Pandas.

Unfortunately, that's where our big day of crafting ended. Before we had left the house this morning, mom had decided to remove the cable ties that were on the little rolling cart we use for these kinds of adventures. And she decided to use a pocketknife that my dad had freshly sharpened. Yep, she stabbed herself with it. Not a cut, a puncture. It had bled all morning, all over everything, and had also been swelling and bruising. By the time we got to lunch she couldn't move it and it was throbbing and really hurting her.

We went to the ER because the urgent care center told her to. She got a tetanus shot and some antibiotics and they checked to make sure she didn't damage a nerve or tendon. She's more upset about the cost of going to the hospital than she is about anything else. To entertain ourselves for the hours we were at the hospital, we spent our time making fun of mom.

Guess we will try to go crafting next year.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A fire, in September.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

What a miserable, dreary day for the Henderson family reunion. We are all soaked, people are cold, the kids can't play. BUT... we are all together and there's good food to be eaten and new babies to be cuddled. Maybe it's not such a bad day after all.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hey You Kids, Get Off My Lawn

Today, while driving through the parking lot of my apartment complex, I came up behind 3 kids who were walking down the center of the lot. As I pulled up behind them, 2 of them moved out of the way; the third one, a boy of about 12, turned around and held his arms up acting like he dared me to hit him. I smiled and waved and he moved slowly off to the side. I just wrote it off as him clowning around, being funny for his friends.

But then, as i drove by them, he ran up behind me and smacked the back of my car. I'm sure he was still showing off and probably thought he was being funny, but it just instantly went right through me. It was a tad dangerous, he could have gotten hurt. It was disrespectful for him to treat my car that way. It pissed me off. I immediately slammed on my brakes and opened my door to pretend I was getting out and they all screamed and took off running.Obviously I would not have done anything to him, just wanted to scare him a but. But now I'm sitting here feeling like a curmudgeonly old person. Stupid kids anyway.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Look Out Girls...

Looks like someone was having a bit of fun in the breakroom.

Or maybe this person just doesn't like single women.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh Hai There, I Haven't Seen You In A While

So I've been so busy blogging about World of Warcraft that I have once again neglected this place. But I'm back, at least for today. There are a few things I wanted to get down for future reference. Things such as the two 911 emergencies from last weekend. And some news about more positive subjects like my weight loss and that other thing I try not to talk about.

Where to begin... how about last weekend. It was horribly exciting. But mostly just horrible. Friday afternoon, Friday the 4th, I had a hair appointment at Melinda's shop in Cassville. When I was walking to the door of the shop I heard someone off in the distance faintly hollering. It kind of sounded like "help" but I wasn't sure. I paused, there was silence. I put my hand on the door, hear it again. I almost convinced myself it was someone calling for a dog but it nagged at me a bit that it was "help". So I paused again, heard it twice and walked around towards the side of the building. I noticed a pickup pulled over on the edge of the ditch several houses down the road with its headlights on. About that time, I saw a gray haired gentleman raise his head up near the tire of the truck and he spotted me. He started waving his arms and began yelling "help" louder. I knew Melinda was in her 2nd year of nursing school and since I was still on the porch of the shop, I ran inside to get her. She and I start running down the road towards him and she turns around to tell the others to call 911. To make the story shorter.. the poor old guy had hopped out of his truck into the ditch and somehow the clutch popped or something and the truck had rolled on to him and trapped him. Both of his legs were twisted over each other and the front drivers side wheel had rolled onto them up to his knees. The cops came, jacked up the truck a few inches, pulled him out. He lost both of his shoes under there somewhere. Then the ambulance got there after a few minutes and checked him out. He insisted he could stand and was fine so they helped him up. But then took him by ambulance to have xrays done.

The next day, Saturday the 5th, my Uncle Garry was getting married to Sheila. It was a nice quiet ceremony at his house. Everything went fine until after the vows when the happy couple was cutting the cake. The stairs to the basement are in the middle of the living room floor. There is a 3 foot wall around 3 sides of the stairwell, but where you walk down them is, of course, open. A friend of the bride, a tiny little 78 year old woman, was trying to get a better picture of the cake cutting and took a step backwards. She stepped back right into the open stairs. Several people gasped and I turned around in time to watch this little old woman fall down 30 stairs to a concrete basement floor. It was horrible. Luckily, Sheila is a registered nurse. And a friend of hers who came to the wedding is also a registered nurse. Apparently she was completely out for about a minute. She had a gash above her left eye, her nose was broken and bleeding from the nostrils and a gash on the bridge, there was a hole the size of a nickel completely missing from her top lip. She had landed on her wrist which was swelling and both knees were gashed open, one a good 4 or 5 inches. My uncle yelled for someone to call 911 but I looked around and everyone was just standing there frozen. So I grabbed my cell phone and dialed 911. It took 20 minutes or so for the ambulance to get there (out in rural area). The woman was taken to the hospital. When she got there, she refused to be treated due to religious beliefs. She wouldn't even let them clean her up. I can't believe she just went home. I can't even imagine how she must have felt the next day. She needed a lot of stitches, she needed her nose set, she couldn't tell us what month it was or how old she was. Horrible.

Okay, enough about that. Let's talk about some positive stuff. My place of employment began a weight loss competition on March 1st. I just had my first weigh-in a few days ago and I lost 7 lbs in my first week. That's good considering I had already been eating healthier since the beginning of the year and had joined a fitness club in January also. I was very proud of myself. However the past couple of days... I've had a bit of a struggle. My hormones have caused me to remain constantly hungry the past 2 days. I just had pop-tarts. Shame on me. But I will get it together and work it off by exercising twice as hard this weekend.

Also, I haven't talked about this much at all, but I quit smoking on January 2nd and haven't had a single puff since then. It wasn't a New Years resolution. I didn't plan it in advance or really put any thought into it at all. It kind of just happened that the stars all aligned and I smoked the last cig in my pack late Sunday evening a few hours before work. I thought "well I'll just stop on my way to work and get some". Then as I was driving to work I thought "well, I don't actually smoke at work, so I'll stop on my way home in the morning". Then the next morning I thought "well I'm just going home to go straight to bed, so I'll just buy some when I wake up later". Then after I woke up I thought "well I don't have any plans to go into town right now so I'll just buy some on my way to work". And there the process repeated. By the 3rd day, I just stopped thinking about buying any at all. I still think about cigarettes, but it hasn't been hard as far as my body physically craving them. Mentally, however, I do want to smoke from time to time. But it's the same way I feel about travel for example. I mean I wish I were in New York right now because I've always wanted to see it. But I can't be, so oh well. That's how my mind thinks about the cigarettes. I sure do remember enjoying them and I wish I had one right now. But I can't, so oh well. Nothing more than that. It's been way easier than I imagined it would be. Especially since I am combining it with a diet. Or maybe it's easy because I'm so worried about the food, I'm not worried about the cigarettes. Either way, it worked and that's all that matters.

So that's how things are going with me. Exciting stuff, huh?

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

History of Google Doodles

Let's start out by answering the question I'm sure you've already asked outloud - what the heck is a Google Doodle? Well, that's simple. Have you ever noticed an artistic or creative Google logo when you go to Something different than just the word Google spelled out in colorful lessons? Those are Google Doodles and they are used to mark important historic or cultural events in the world. I've always gotten a kick out of the ones I happen to see, but I know I've missed a bunch because I use the Google search bar more often than I go to Luckily, I just accidentally discovered Google keeps an archive of all their doodles and I can g back and look through them whenever I want. You could too if you click this link.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

News Flash: I Now Have A WoW Blog... But It's Not Here

This blog that you are reading right now? This blog (as a whole) is actually pretty sucky. It's just a little personal blog that has been around for several years and has been subjected to a unique combination of blandness, stupidity and neglect. Of course, I've recently discovered a new-found fondness for blogging about WoW and I've been throwing those posts up here. Amazingly this has caused a few people to actually find their way over here to read a few things. Since I feel like continuing to blog about WoW is something I want to commit to right now, I have decided to split those types of posts off onto their own dedicated WoW blog and let this one continue to dredge along as a personal blog.

That being said, allow me to direct you to - aka Elfi's World. I have transferred the WoW posts and associated comments from this blog over to that one and after I few weeks I will be deleting them from here. So everyone please be sure and bookmark the new sight. I can't wait to see some traffic over there.